PDC Tiny Rabbit Rattles - Cream, Denim, Peach

Polka Dot Club

PDC Tiny Rabbit Rattles - Cream, Denim, Peach

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~ cotton canvas
~ embroidered eyes and nose
~ pima necktie
~ poly-fill stuffing
~ rattle
~ about 8.5 inches tall
~ Appropriate for babies and children of all ages
~ Handmade in Lima Peru

The Polka Dot Club is a collection of heritage toys created by second generation teddy bear maker Jen Murphy. Each piece is made using natural materials and techniques employed by the finest toy makers over 100 years ago, all the while adding contemporary elements bringing heritage toy making into the 21st century. These are bears that pay homage to the past, but are wholly modern play toys for today. They are heirlooms for now and forever. 

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